Home staging

What are the benefits for the Property Owner?

  • adding property value
  • you can make outstanding profit
  • helps to show the best version of your home
  • initiate confidence in Buyers
  • by conscious preparations your flat can be on the top of the market
  • provides good chance to sell or rent faster
  • supports you to sell or rent your biggest asset on a higher price level
  • what seems to be unmarketable  will finally find its new Owner
modern clear kitchen
double bathroom

What are the benefits for the Buyers?

  • save themselves from the hassle of renovation
  • they get their dream home („optical tuning” excluded!)
  • they get value for their money which is a long term investment
  • they finally have a perfectly functioning home where they only have to bring their suitcase, everything is ready for a new life

What is needed?

  • openness: an external expert can highlight the disadvantages and the outstanding features of the property
  • willingness: to invest and develop
  • focus on your Buyer!

Interior Design

In what cases is it recommended?

  • if you need a personalised home
  • when you need balance between functionality and style
  • you have unique ideas
  • in case you want to keep up with the changing world in a timeless but contemporary style
little kitchen& dining room with skyblue sofa
childrens room menta&rose

What are the benefits?

  • you get guidance
  • saves you time
  • saves you money
  • optimal space organisation
  • everything will have its own place
  • it provides good basics, later on you can easily create a different interior by varying accessories
  • renovation always adds value, therefore it is a long term investment

Forms of consultation:

  • personal
  • online

Consultation for investors

What are the benefits?

  • maximising profit
  • optimising costs
  • creating a dream home for Buyers
  • speedy results in sales or renting
pastel bedroom interiour design

Smart Home planning

What are the benefits?

  • XXI. century modern living
  • energy efficiency
  • safety
  • high level comfort